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Our Logo


The club logo was designed by one of our own members, Nancy Stapleton. It was unveiled at our May 2011 meeting. This is the explanation of the symbolism.​The open door is a sign of welcoming to friends old and new. Anyone of us could be inside the house or the one being welcomed. Ivy is symbolic of connections and friendships. Ivy has a propensity to interweave in growth. Ever furrowing and intertwining, the ivy is an example of the twists and turns our friendships often take, but it is also a testimony to the long-lasting connections and bonds we form with our friends over the years. Another tribute to friendship, as well as the test of time, is the ivy’s ability to grow in challenging environments. The ivy is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh conditions. This is symbolic of our ability to stick by our friends no matter what. ​

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